Moxon Industries designs, manufactures and reclaims a wide range of food processing equipment. Its primary customer groups are those who are in the business of processing, refining, handling, manufacturing food products.

Design services for food processing facilities

Moxon provides project consulting and design services to food manufacturers. Its project managers work closely with clients to develop ideas for whole plants and upgrades.

The company’s engineering division has more than 200 years’ experience creating customised food processing equipment, providing support from initial concept development to the design, trial testing and validation phases.

Components and machinery are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel and plastics, as well as feature customised mechanical and electrical layouts.

Moxon creates prototypes utilising 3D modelling and laser sintering to ensure new components / systems will fit into current processing lines.

CNC manufacturing of food production machinery components

Moxon uses its extensive network of machining centres and metalwork facilities to create high-performance food manufacturing equipment in different shapes and sizes. Its computer numerical control (CNC) machinists produce highly precise components such as splines, gears, leadscrews, shafts and bushes. The company utilises automatic bar-feeding equipment to support its CNC machinery in achieving increased production speeds for high-value food processing components.

The company also supports new product development initiatives by partnering with its clients in the development and manufacture extrusion dies and tooling.

In addition, the organisation has in-house waterjet cutting facilities to support the manufacture precision componentry from stainless steel through to food-grade plastics.

Sheetmetal and fabrication services for food processing plants

Moxon’s sheetmetal and fabrication services complement its tool-making and machining capabilities. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and refurbishment of special purpose machinery used in the food processing industry such as:

  • Screw extruders
  • Mixers
  • Barrels
  • Process line / conveyors

Moxon has qualified personnel, processes and procedures enabling compliance to Australian and international welding standards.

Project management services for food processing plant sites

Moxon’s project management services support a wide range of facility capital expenditure upgrades, planned maintenance programmes and component overhaul initiatives through to supporting the development of new products.

The company’s project managers work closely with clients to ensure requirements are met in stages, covering concept design through to testing, commissioning and production.

Moxon consistently integrates engineering, procurement and manufacturing activities to deliver projects within a specified timeframe and budget.